How Chelsea can make Alvaro Morata into a success at Stamford Bridge


Chelsea fans saw in the first half of the season what potential Alvaro Morata has. A perfect mix of pace, touch and size, with nice feet and great aerial ability, he has all the tools to be a great number nine for the Blues.

However in the second part of the season those same fans saw the flaws in his game too. A lack of confidence leading to a long goal drought, a lack of experience leading to what appeared to be a period of burnout, and a petulance arising from that frustration that saw him booked many times.

So it’s not in the technical or physical aspects that Morata needs help, it’s the mental. Next year he will be more settled in London, his baby will have been born, and the passing of his good friend will be further in the past. Antonio Conte’s demanding management style isn’t really cut out for Morata’s delicate nature.

There are not too many upsides to Conte’s impending departure, but if Chelsea can find a manager who is better able to handle Morata’s mental fragility they will have found an upgrade in at least one regard.