Chelsea break Premier League record for the season against Crystal Palace

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Chelsea broke one of their records for this season against Crystal Palace on Saturday, although you wouldn’t have known it from the scoreline.

According to the Data Day, the club’s roundup of stats from the preceding game, the Blues managed 27 shots against Palace, the most they’ve had in any PL game this season.

Sadly most of those fell to Olivier Giroud, who was repeatedly denied by defenders and by the post, but luckily for the home team they manager to force a couple home to get the two goal cushion they wanted.

The away side struck back late to make things nervy, but the dominance that Antonio Conte’s team had had throughout the match made it hard to imagine them getting an equaliser after all that.

Still, stranger things have happened, and having such a nervy close to the game after being so comfortably ahead was exactly why it’s important to score more than two goals in a game – especially if you have 27 shots.