Barca star racing for fitness ahead of Chelsea game

Iniesta returns to training after recovering from a hamstring injury

When Andres Iniesta limped off two weekends ago in a game against Atletico Madrid clutching his hamstring, he was ruled out pretty immediately for this Wednesday’s game against Chelsea by those watching the game.

Not only is Iniesta getting on a bit, which hardly helps recovery, but also hamstring injuries are notoriously tricky. Once you’re out you’re out, and it’s tough to reduce that time.

However the intense therapy the Spain legend has been undergoing is clearly working, and there are now whispers in the Spanish press that he’s going to be back in time for the second leg.

In reality it won’t make a huge difference to Chelsea. They need to go to the Nou Camp and score against Barcelona. Whether or not Initesta plays, that’s a huge ask.

In his absence, Ernesto Valverde may count on Andre Gomes however, a notably inferior player whom Chelsea could pick on as they look to press the home side.