Ryan Bertrand transfer remains far off for Chelsea


Chelsea don’t just need to sign players, they need to sign them soon. The season will be decided in the next few weeks, with games in the Carabao Cup against Arsenal, a Champions League two-legger against Barcelona and now a replay with Norwich rushing closer.

The difference between signing a player now and in a few weeks could be significant. That’s why Chelsea fans who want the club to resign Ryan Bertrand will be frustrated that there seems to be no word on that front.

The fact is that while the club’s interest in Betrand is well known,  there haven’t been the kind of whispers there are when a deal is approaching. It seems as though even if the Englishman is a target for Antonio Conte, he’s not one who will be signed any time soon.

Whether it’s Bertrand or someone else brought in to back up Marcos Alonso, the sooner they arrive the better.