Why PSG will not be able to tie up deal for Chelsea’s key midfielder

PSG have been chasing N’Golo Kante according to the latest transfer guff, but it’s a deal that is pretty preposterous for a variety of reasons.

The Parisians have a lot of financial muscle, but then again so do Chelsea. How much would they have to offer Roman Abramovich to persuade him to part ways with a player who is pretty much irreplaceable at this point? We’d surely be talking about upwards of €100m.

Let’s face it, there’s no chance that Chelsea would let the midfielder go if they have any say in the matter. His contract is until 2021, and they will be hoping to extend that deal long before then.

The only way that PSG – or any other club for that matter – would have a chance of signing Kante would be if he went on strike and forced his way out of the club.

And let’s face it, he hardly seems like the type to do that does?