Conte’s Bakayoko blind spot exposed again

Chelsea are having a great season, and the fans are delighted with the work that Antonio Conte has done over the last 18 months. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing about the Italian manager that they wouldn’t change.

Chelsea fans were left scratching their heads at some of the former Juventus man’s decisions today. Firstly, he continued to pick Bakayoko, although playing the Frenchman in a three as today makes more sense than in a two.

But as the game went on, and Bakayoko struggled more and more, Conte did nothing to change things. Arsenal were overrunning Chelsea in midfield, but he let their attacks continue.

His tendency to make subs very late is an odd one, and not one that’s been much of an issue since grumblings early last season. In fact his ability to change games from sidelines has been impressive. It’s just odd that he has such a blindspot when it comes to Bakayoko.