Chelsea should consider transfer for 26 year old Spaniard even if Hazard stays

manu trigueros

Rumours in yesterday’s papers had Chelsea linked with a series of players if Eden Hazard did move to Real Madrid in the summer.

There doesn’t seem to be much substance to it, and it’s basically just internet chatter, but it doesn’t propose an interesting target.

One of the players named is Manu Trigueros of Villareal. The Spaniard is 26 and should now be looking to take the next step after excelling at his current club already. If he wants a step up, Chelsea should be looking to offer him that opportunity.

Cesc Fabregas is the team’s only really creative passing midfielder, and we saw how the team performed without him and Hazard against Norwich. Trigueros would bring a lot of that attacking threat; while also giving a little more defensive commitment and physical talent than his fellow Spaniard.

They shouldn’t be waiting for Hazard to leave before making moves like this, they need to plan for the future. Cesc Fabregas is the wrong side of 30 now and will need replacing in the near future.

Manu could be the man for the the job.