Andreas Christensen rated as as worst outfield Chelsea player by stats site


If you ever wanted proof that the algorithms that exist to rate players are still a long way off accurate, just take a look at how Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen was rated in the 1-0 win over Swansea at the weekend.

Whoscored gave him a 6.8 rating, the worst on the entire Chelsea team apart from goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who barely had a chance to make an impact either way.

Perhaps that was the issue for Christensen: Swansea were so deep and defensive that he hardly had a chance to get involved in the game.

He did complete 45 of 45 passes however, an impressive feat for any player in any position.

Of course these statistical ratings are only there to give you an impression of the game, and if anyone saw the game they would have seen the Dane looking so calm as always. He won every clash with Wilfried Bony, and looked so unshakable at the back that the Welsh side all but ran out of ideas of how to hurt Antonio Conte’s team.