“The fans love me, I’m too happy to change” – Former Barcelona man reveals joys of playing for Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas has plenty of experience in being loved by fans.

First of all he was the golden boy of Arsenal supporters, breaking into their team as as kid and being doted on by their fans as players from the academy usually are.

Then he got to return to his boyhood club of Barcelona, where he won his fair share of trophies and had the adulation of a returning prodigal son.

In this final stage he’s back in London, now at Chelsea where he has his own song, and the fans love him even more for having forsaken Arsenal.

Speaking to Spanish paper Sport, the midfielder revealed how much he’s loving life in West London:

“I’ve found absolute happiness at Chelsea. The family is loving it, totally adapted to London life, the fans love me, I’m too happy to change,” he told the sports periodical.

There have been rumours about the midfielder departing in recent times, but given how happy he is, that seems unlikely at this stage.