Willian knows ideal training conditions to within 3 degrees

Willian in Aston Villa v Chelsea - Premier League

The Brazilian is the latest to speak to the official Chelsea website about his working day, and to be honest it’s not exactly a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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That’s partly down to the questions, which are unspeakably bland and seemingly only exist to promote the club’s sponsors, and partly down to the answers, which are hardly enlightening.

Has he tried yoga? No. What does he do before training? He arrives, changes, has breakfast and does some work with the physio if he feels he needs it – that’s the same answer every single player has given so far.

The only bit that stands out is the former Shakhtar man knowing – to a range of three degrees – what his idea training weather is:

“Anything from around 25 to degrees is nice for me” – well you certainly can’t say he wasn’t specific!