Neville: It is a disgrace to criticise Chelsea

Gary Neville believes comments made earlier this week about Chelsea being boring should get stuck into teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City, United and Liverpool.

Arsenal supporters criticised Chelsea for being boring in the draw at the Emirates on last Sunday but Gary Neville insist the pack chasing Chelsea should get the critics instead.

“I don’t get it at all. If we’re criticising anybody it should be the pathetic attempt at chasing them this season and putting up a fight. I have to say Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United have got to do so much better next season.”

The last team that we should be criticising are Chelsea because they are the ones that have gone on and done the job.

Neville insisted Chelsea should get all the credits and haven’t dropped out since day 1 of the season. He added

“They are by far in front and they have been by far the best team this season. They haven’t lost a game since New Year’s Day. It’s the other teams that should really be criticised. This Chelsea team have done everything you ask of what will be the champion team”