Chelsea’s transfer failures reach the very top of the club

roman ponders

Chelsea fans are divided over a transfer window which saw several senior players join their counterparts who departed the club in the last 12 months; as well as several potential first XI players arrive.

While some argue that the departures have been well replaced, others lament the missed opportunity to turn a good XI into a great team.

As always, the blame for this has been spread between the manager and the board, with Michael Emenalo taking a lot of flak despite it being largely unclear how responsible he ultimately is for transfer targets.

A report today in the Daily Star holds that Roman Abramovich is amongst those not best pleased with the events of this summer, which saw Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Ross Barkley turn down the Blues in the last few days of the window, as well as several high profile targets like Alex Sandro not even reaching that stage of negotation.

It’s a little far-fetched, given that nobody knows how Roman really feels. In fact, if anyone has controls over how much the club is willing to spend it’s him, so how can he be unhappy with the largely frugal few summers that the Blues have had?