Chelsea FC Grand National


Despite some good wins this season, Chelsea Football Club remain in the news for the unfortunate politics of the game. Speaking strictly of Chelsea FC, the team has gone through a lot. The year 2015/16 was most certainly a tough one for the club. The unfortunate season while defending the title under Jose Mourinho last term constantly haunts the once Premier League champions. With one game to win for securing the FA Cup semi-finals spot, Chelsea FC may be only a few days away from signing Antonio Conte to a new contract if reports are to be believed.

The Italian, a former club manager for Juventus, has had an impressive impact on the west London club. It is confident he will remain with Chelsea FC for many more seasons to come, it is more than plausible that the big bosses at the Stamford Bridge club would like to continue the spell of success he has already initiated. There would certainly be no surprises if Conte receives another contract from the west London club.

The West London boys of Stamford Bridge have a reputation to uphold. They always have. They may have gone through their fair share of both successful and unsuccessful bosses— loud, brash, silent and tactful— but what is extraordinarily marvellous is the sheer camaraderie you see between them both on and off the field. In their recent 2-1 victory over London rivals West Ham, N’Golo Kante played a game we expected of him. He has been a blessing from the very start of this season. Conte was clever to identify the star performer he was capable of being, and it is no doubt that Kante’s did not disappoint his club and the players. His form is top-notch, his game impressive and his support and contribution to the goals of the game against West Ham reflected a strong mindset, not just of Kante, but also the team. He certainly dominates with his presence on the field, but there is strong composure, the sort that you’d anticipate to see from the players at the Grand National . His break-up play, and relentless energy— delivering back to back man of the match performances.

With such a powerful performance from one player, on the flip-side though, it is looking increasingly likely that Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi will leave the Stamford Bridge football club in the summer. Mind you he has only been a season old with Chelsea. While he comes with a glorious record with I’OM, his performance at Chelsea has been below par. Conte most certainly is not impressed seeing a performer such as him sitting on the bench. In retrospect, however, Chelsea happen to be one of the few English Premier League clubs that have taken a massively advantage of the loan policy introduced in the recent times. The policy that allows then to train young players and lease them on loans— their most popular most popular partnership being Vitesse Arnhem— it works out exceptionally well for them from the business of football, point of view. While very few of the younger players from their youth academy make it to the First team, these loans benefit them tremendously as the windows open for transfer at the beginning of every season.