A recap so far

Congrats Chelsea fans! We are fifteen matches into the 2014/15 season and we are still unbeaten! We are starting to witness history and possibly one of the great Mourinho teams at Chelsea.

Here are some bold predictions for the rest of the season.

Chelsea FC-2014/15 English Premier League And Capital One Cup Champions!

It is pretty evident so far in my opinion that the club’s main focus is to win the league this season. That said, we are a club that looks to win every single competition we participate in. So far, we are unbeaten in all competitions, keep in mind we have not started our FA Cup run just yet. As it stands, we will travel to Derby County to take them on in the Capital One Cup 5th Round.

With the remaining teams being: Chelsea, Derby, Tottenham, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Liverpool, and Sheffield, Southampton, judging on form and talent, Chelsea look likeliest to win the competition. With the league, we sit 4 points ahead of Southampton currently and 6 points ahead of Manchester City. With Manchester City supposedly our biggest real threat to winning the competition, I think our chances are greater and our focus, determination, and passion seems to be in tune.

While this may not be the boldest of predictions, I’d like to further the statement by saying we will lose two games this season. Often our team has been compared to other great sides like Chelsea 2004/05, United 1999, and Arsenal’s invincibles, I do not think we will quite reach any of those heights just yet. It is something to shoot for this season, but in the coming seasons, I think we will have a greater shot.


Chelsea reach the Champions League And FA Cup Semi-Finals .

After falling short of the 2013/14 Champions League Final at the hands of Atletico Madrid, Chelsea made some changes in the 2014 Summer Transfer Window. This season Chelsea look to improve on the result of last year and make the Final of the competition. But, with all the focus on the Premier League and beating out Manchester City, I believe Chelsea could fall short once again.

This time, to either Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich. Making it all the way to competition’s semi-final, I think we go out by a goal or away goals. Semi-finals of the Champions League is not a bad feat. I hope we win the Champions League again, but I do not think this season we will. For the FA Cup, I think Chelsea will bow out at the hands of Manchester United or Arsenal.

It is hard to say this, as I think we have the talent and potential to win this competition, much of our focus will be turned to the Premier League at this time, and a fixture at Wembley will prove just too much for the Blues.

Diego Costa finishes with the most goals in the Premier League and Cesc Fabregas the most assists. Eden Hazard wins Player of the Year.

All three players are currently in fine form. Hazard is ripping defenses apart and often winning and finishing penalties it seems. Fabregas is still assisting, and despite injury drawbacks, Costa sits in 9 goals in the Premier League. Costa sits one goal behind Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.

The pair seem the most likely to finish the season with the golden boot. While Costa is suffering from a hamstring problem, he will require surgery and a 6-week recovery. Manager Jose Mourinho looks to have Costa operated on during or on either side of an international break, meaning he would miss less matches for Chelsea. To counter, Aguero seems to be injured himself quite often.

I think the striker’s injury woes will balance out and the support from Chelsea’s players will just get Costa enough goals to outdo Sergio Aguero. As it stands, the major threat to Fabregas’ assist tally is Dusan Tadic from Southampton. Fabregas sits on 9 assists and Tadic on 8. As the season drags on, Tadic’s tally could drop off with Southampton as I feel they will ultimately finish around sixth or seventh.

With this said, Fabregas also has some troubles with keeping his first half of the season form into the second half of the season. Although, with the change of scenery and new motivation, I think he can keep a good level of consistency throughout the season and be the goal feeder, our club needs.

January Signings

With Costa likely to miss six weeks after the hamstring operation, Chelsea have been rumored to a number of strikers. I do not believe we will sign any in January, but do not be surprised when Mattia Destro’s name comes around again. Feeling somewhat left out, the Roma forward could be on the move and Chelsea could be a good fit for the man in form. Gerard Pique is a name flying around the Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City rumor pages right now as well.

While we do need a new center back to replace an aging Terry, I do not think January will be the time we address the issue. I don’t expect anybody to come in to the Chelsea side come January, but unfortunately I do think, Petr Cech will be on the move.

After serving a decade at the club, he will be looking to find again, first team football. With Thibaut Courtois in his younger years and great form, Petr Cech is left out, and for this reason, I think he will re-locate to a Non-English team.

Those are my bold predictions for the rest of the 2014/15 season. Let me know yours on Twitter! Follow @CFCNewsApp to leave your thoughts and predictions!

As always, Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!