Foreign Policies at Chelsea

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I’m sure many of you reading this are aware of the foreign player policy and that as a club, we have one too many at the moment. There are a number of options to find a solution for this problem.

First off, we could try to find a suitor for Torres. The problem here lies in that if we sell a striker, we would be down to just two strikers, Costa and Drogba. If we are to challenge for major trophies, it is not possible to do it with two strikers. To add to this, it is unlikely many teams out there can match Torres’ gigantic wages and he is not willing to take a pay cut.

Next, we could possibly try to offload Mikel to another league or lower premier league side. A good option seeing as it will be very difficult for Mikel to get into the team past Matic, Fabregas, Ramires, Van Ginkel, and even Ake. The latter two have age on their side and are good options to have in the squad for cup games and good depth for Premier League. This seems a good option.

Then, there is the option of not listing Schwarzer for the roster or attempting to sell him extremely cheap. If Mourinho is keen on keeping both Courtois and Cech, there is really no need for Schwarzer so it would seem the right thing to do here. This is the most likely option.

Another option would be loaning or selling Salah or Van Ginkel. There has been talk of this happening and again it is an option that is possible. I for one would not loan either as the previous options sound better.

Lastly there have been rumors of us selling Schrrle or Oscar, which is very unlikely due to Mourinho liking these players very much. This is an outside possibility but so were Mata and Luiz’s deals.

If we are to bring another foreign player like Sami Khedira or Mehdi Benatia, we may find ourselves in more of a situation as more than one of these options would have to be done. That said, I think we could do well this season without Mikel, Schwarzer, and/or Torres. Only time will tell.

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