5 Possible Tactics for 2014-15

Chelsea v Stoke City - FA Cup Fourth Round

With a new season comes acquiring new players as well as losing some. In an ideal world, we acquire Kroos/Pogba, lose Torres and/or Ba, bring another striker in, lose some dead weight, sign a left back, and bring some loanees into the team. With this, the team looks very different from last year’s.

Here we will look at some possibilities for next year’s team tactically.


Possibility 1: 4-2-3-1


Here we have the good old 4-2-3-1 in which we’ve used very much the past few years. The lone striker is supported by three inter-changing attacking midfielders. Here we may see Diego Costa playing up top with Hazard occupying the left side as usual, new signing Fabregas taking the central attacking role and Schrrle playing the right side, providing a direct option, a clinical goal scorer. Again, the three inter-change and overlap each other to create space. Behind these three we would hope to see Matic sit in front of the two center backs much like he did last year, intercepting and starting counters from the back. And we hope to see a new face like Kroos, Pogba, or Vidal, next to him. We could even see Oscar play here given his unique style being able to break up play with his good tackling and starting counters with pace and excellent passing. This position is a box-to-box midfielder as well as a deep lying playmaker. Someone need to occupy the position that can play a long ball, make runs forward, and support cover for the defense when needed. Behind the two in the pivot, we would see the English center backs as usual, Terry and Cahill. Next to them, we may see a new face at left back whether it is Filipe Luis, Ricardo Rodriguez, Ryan Bertrand, Patrick Van Aanholt, or a number of other options, even Azpilicueta again. On the right it’s a toss up between Ivanovic and Azpilicueta, really just depends on what Mou thinks we need for the match. In goal we still aren’t sure of we will see Courtois or Cech.


Possibility 2: 4-3-3


A formation here that Mourinho is all to familiar with. This formation was used by Jose during his first tenure at the Bridge. Using Makelele to his best as well as guys like Drogba. In this formation we still have Diego Costa up front, but we see Hazard, Schurrle, Salah, Willian, or Oscar playing higher up. This formation includes lots of running for the wingers getting forward while supporting the outside backs with cover. In this formation the central attacking mid drops a little deeper but is still asked to get forward in attack. They are almost next to the other center mid who is true box-to-box. Again this formation requires a well conditioned team willing and able to run and work as hard as possible the full ninety minutes. The last center mid is much like the one from the last option. Sitting in front of the defense intercepting and starting counters. The defense will be and do the same as the last formation.


Possibility 3: 4-1-3-2


Attack! This is for a game like PSG second leg last year where we need goals. There are two strikers. Yes, two strikers. This is something Chelsea experimented a little more last year than I’d seen in prior years. Especially, when we needed goals. Sometimes we were even seen having Torres, Ba, and Eto’o all on at the same time. We would likely see Diego Costa and Romelu Lukaku or Torres, Ba, Mandzukic, etc. this formation could actually, yes I’m going to say it, spark a rise from Fernando Torres who looks like he is again staying put despite another disappointing season. Back in his Liverpool days he flourished from playing with two strikers, maybe doing it at Chelsea could mean a 15-20 goal season again. Behind these two we see three attacking mids. Again screaming attack. The wide men getting up and down the wings. This formation very unique because there is only one defensive midfielder. This defensive mid has to be very strong and needs support from the wide midfielders. This leaves the defensive mid still very exposed and this is what makes this formation unlikely to use regularly.


Possibility 4: 4-2-2-2


This formation is different and very unlikely given the amount of quality attacking mids we have. Nevertheless, still an option. Here we see two strikers like the last one. Difference here is behind them. Only two attacking mids to create, maybe not enough for a team like Chelsea. Behind these two we have two defensive mids to provide cover. This leaves the defense less exposed than the previous option, but takes away an attacking mid. The team using this last year was Manchester City, but we showed them it is able to break down. Again not a very likely option but could be seen at some point next year.


Possibility 5: 4-4-2 Diamond


The last option I think we have given the players we have is the 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield. Seen by Manchester United throughout the years, two strikers like before, a center attacking mid, a defensive mid, and two outside mids playing very centrally. The two strikers play off one another. But here, we are basically going to try to overrun the middle of the pitch and possess closely working it up to the forwards. In this, again the center mids can inter-change and make space for one another. It could work brilliantly for a team like us, but another unlikely option given Mourinho’s love for the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3.
In conclusion, there are a number of ways we could see our team run next season and we hope to see it work fantastically because trophies are a must next season. Hopefully we can pick up some signings, dump some players, and have a great season. Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!